Fertilome Hydro Stretch
ITEM# 400000K

1 pound bag $ 9.95

Fertilome Hydro Stretch is a specially formulated fine particle granule that absorbs and releases water over time to the plant’s roots as needed.This product is the ultimate soil amendment for maximum water retention and cuts watering time up to 1/3. Plants last up to 3 times longer between watering. Fertilome Hydro Stretch may be used indoors and outdoors, in both new and existing container plants, hanging baskets, flower beds and vegetable gardens. One application works up to 5 seasons.

Application Rates for Container Plants: 4" Container Size use ½ tbsp to treat 40 plants. 6" Container Size use 1½ tbsp to treat 14 plants. 8" Container Size use 2 tbsp to treat 10 plants.

Please read and follow label directions.

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