EcoSMART Organic Ant & Roach Killer
ITEM# 078386

 14 ounce aerosol

$ 7.49

Active Ingredients: Rosemary Oil  5.00%, Cinnamon Oil 3.00%, Water, Wintergreen Oil, Mineral Oil, Oleic Acid, Canola Oil, Carbon Dioxide, Vanillin, Lecithin. Made from organic plant oils and kills bugs naturally to better protect your family.

Insects Controlled: Kills ants, carpenter ants, roaches, crickets, pill bugs, silverfish, spiders and other crawling insects.

Directions For Use: Hold container upright and aim nozzle away from yourself. Press button firmly to spray. Spray on insects to kill on contact. Also, treat areas where insects are commonly found. When treating for ants, spray around entry points and trails. Repeat as necessary. Please read and follow label directions.

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