Aphids are a huge problem for gardeners, as they infect numerous plants, including flowering plants and landscape plants. Aphids extract honeydew from the plants they feed on, which can, in turn, build up on stems and leaves, leading to the formation of sooty mold that will eventually cover the entire surface of the plant.  This honeydew can also attract additional insects to the plant, such as ants, who wish to feed on the honeydew. Aphids always attack the youngest, freshest tissues of the plant, and can be found congregating on any areas of new growth, like newly sprouted stems and budding leaves. The presence of adult Aphids with wings indicates a major infestation.

Natural Guard Insecticidal Soap RTU is an excellent organic product for the elimination of Aphids. Infected plants should be sprayed daily with Natural Guard Insecticidal Soap RTU until the outbreak subsides. Treating the plants with Natural Guard Neem Insect Spray RTU after the initial outbreak has subsided will help prevent further infestations. Organic products such as Natural Guard can be used on a wide variety of plants, including landscape plants. Bonide Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray Concentrate and Fertilome® Horticultural Oil Spray can also be used on landscape plants and are often a more effect control for Aphids on landscape plants than the organic products. Both products are safe to use on edible plants.

If you are dealing with an outbreak of Aphids, do not feed your plants fertilizer with a high Nitrogen content. The high levels of Nitrogen in such fertilizers will lead to the formation of new growth on plants, which will be attacked by the Aphids. Fertilizers with high levels of Nitrogen should only be used during the warmer months of summer when fewer Aphids are active.

Appling worm castings to the soil of plants will give them a natural defense against Aphids and other insect pests. Worm castings change the way in which plants taste to insects, making them an undesirable food choice. My Garden's Best Friend Organic Fertilizer is a wonderful organic fertilizer made from worm castings which will give plants the defense they need against Aphids.

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